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Entering the Guerlain universe means crossing the threshold into an exceptional world where respect for tradition and a feel for innovation weave the most beautiful creations.

Guerlain has been in existence for nearly 170 years and for a company so firmly anchored in history, the challenge has always been to reconcile the richness of tradition with a sense of innovation, to remember its origins, and to move forward to meet the future.

Perfumers for the last five generations, the Guerlain family successfully created unique harmonies, precursors for their time. They have successfully and jealously preserved these harmonies and passed them on without ever losing sight of the original values unique to the brand which are luxury, expertise, imagination, demanding standards, and quality.

Guerlain perfumes are also unique because their autograph is inimitable: This "stamp" is a unique olfactory harmony, called "Guerlinade". It is unique to Guerlain perfumers and jealously guarded by them. They include bergamot, the tonka bean, and vanilla among others.

To create perfumes that defy time and fashion, you have to invest in high-quality raw materials.

Jean-Paul Guerlain, like his ancestors, gives preference to natural essences considering synthetic products as a compliment.

Jean-Paul Guerlain travels the world in search of the most beautiful raw materials to compose his perfumes.

"Going on site, checking, choosing the raw materials that make up our perfumes is, as far as I am concerned, the only way to perpetuate the Guerlain tradition and quality. I buy my bergamot in Reggio di Calabria, my Ylang Ylang in plantations on the island of Mayotte, my jasmine and santal in India… Jean-Paul Guerlain"

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